Cooking Duck

The following is how to utilize a duck so you have a breast dinner, a confit dinner, a fat yield, and a bone stock. Note that the breasts of ducks are to be cooked like a steak. They are not cooked all the way like a chicken.

Maple Sweet Potato Skillet

I put this recipe together as a quick meal one evening while we were building fence. I wanted something with a good amount of protein to keep us going through the work and this was created. It worked out to have leftovers the next morning as well! The maple syrup

Tips and Tricks

I wanted to give a few tips and tricks to cooking great eggs, and some especially for great duck eggs, here we go!

Duck eggs need to cook lower and slower otherwise your eggs can end up rubbery. 
Salt & pepper, I know I know, this is a no

Hard Boiled Eggs

Like with chicken eggs, duck eggs are easier to peal after they have been in the fridge for a few weeks. We have found that the best result is to do the “boiling start” method.

Set out how many eggs you would like to boil to allow them to