**UPDATE 2022** For 2022, we will only offer meat ducks as we focus our work to grow our homestead. We hope to grow our offerings in the future, possibly bringing back our eggs. In the meantime, we highly recommend mossycupfarms.com for duck eggs. 


Duck eggs are larger and more nutritious then chicken eggs. Duck eggs are roughly 33% to 50% larger than the average chicken egg. The yolks are proportionally larger and richer in color and flavor. They have more Vitamin A, B, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Protein, Omega-3, Etc. See the chart for exact numbers.

Duck eggs are often preferred for baking as their lower water content and higher fat and protein means fluffier and richer tasting baked goods.

Of course, they are great for eating just as they are. Our favorite way to enjoy duck eggs are over medium with toast. Many people describe the taste as similar to chicken eggs, but stronger flavor and richer texture. One complaint we have heard is that duck eggs are “rubbery”. This is often due to overcooking the eggs or trying to cook them too fast. Just like you would cook a larger steak slower, cook duck eggs a little lower and slower and you’ll avoid the rubbery eggs.

Because the protein that makes up duck eggs are of a different profile, some people who are allergic to chicken eggs can consume duck eggs. Of course, consult with your doctor first if you decide to experiment with duck eggs due to an allergy to chicken eggs.

But don’t just take our word for it, there’s lots of pages comparing duck eggs to chicken eggs!

We package our eggs in jumbo sized egg cartons. In fact, if we try to use standard egg cartons we have to use rubber bands!


Like any domesticated animal, there are many breeds of ducks. Some are for meat production, some are great egg layers, and some are great at fulfilling specific rolls on a homestead such as bug management. We use various breeds of ducks which excel at egg production. They lay at a higher rate while providing large, quality eggs.


The ducks that lay our eggs are humanly raised outside where they have access to fresh air, food and water, shelter, and plenty of access to forage for food including plants and unlucky bugs. Our ducks are purchased from a hatchery known to breed quality ducks and start life inside in a brooder. As soon as weather allows, we put them outside in a large pen where they are on grass but can stay warm and protected from 4 legged and winged predators. They also start to be introduced to the existing flock at this time, although they can often be a little cautious of each other. When they are large enough where they would be a little too large for a winged predator, we move them out and in the open and with the existing flock. They can sometime be comically nervous of each other still, but they soon learn to trust each other and flock together.

The main flock freely roams the acreage where they run the place. We provide them with organic feed, although they love to forage. We also provide them with pools so they can have plenty of water to drink, clean, and be ducks.


Like chickens, ducks lay from spring to fall while taking the winter off. They lay heaviest in the spring as though to make up for lost time. We’ll be back at the Clear Lake Farmers Market in May. We sell our duck eggs for $8/doz. Contact us or visit our store and we’ll schedule a time and place to meet and deliver eggs. We will deliver within 25ish miles of Meservey. For 3 dozen or less, we will deliver for $5. For 4 dozen or more, delivery is FREE! Duck eggs will keep for a couple months in a refrigerator, likely even longer.

For payments, we take cash or card in person, card on our store, and we also accept cryptocurrency. If you pay online, your card will be processed via PayPal. We NEVER store card data on our website.


Not only are duck eggs larger then chicken eggs, ducks are also not as efficient at converting feed to eggs. So, it adds up to even more feed per dozen eggs. This is largely the reason chicken eggs took over the market in the US. They do very well at feed/egg ratios. We also use USDA certified organic feed for our ducks.

And as the advantages of duck eggs are coming out, there has been a large increase in recent years of duck eggs coming to market. And we are excited to bring this to the north Iowa area.