Taking Orders for 2019!

Our 2019 Products are available for reservations. Below are the products and reservation dates.

Welcome to 2019! We are looking forward to this year and making some big additions to our offerings. We hope we can provide you with something that you


We haveĀ been busy this summer into fall. We installed fencing around a large portion of our property to help keep the ducks safe as we have trouble with predators. Well, NO MORE! We still have to make sure they are locked up and safe at night from smaller animals such

Chickens Processed!

Back in middle of June, we took the chickens in to be processed. Here is how they are packaged. Afterwords, we arranged a time and location to deliver to our customers. Thank you to our spring batch customers for your orders! And congratulations to the 2 winners who won a

Treat Day!

Our broiler chickens are going to be processed this week, and the mulberry trees are putting out fruit. So we cut off a fruitful branch and gave it to them as a treat during their last week. They were unsure at first, but once one ate one and found out

Move Out Day!

The weather is finally nice enough to get the chicks out on grass! We move them out into the chicken tractor to get them on grass as soon as possible. They’ll still have heat lamps for a week or two yet until they feather out more, but they at least